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Patti Lee Presentation - YouTube

Visit for more details about our activity at ALL of our schools in Cambodia.

Please Donate To Help Sustain Schools In Cambodia We Have Built. Join Patti Lee and Barbara Seagram In Their Journey To Give Back & Contribute To Sustaining Our Four Schools Built In Cambodia.

Tax receipt will be issued for any donation over $25.00 AND if you donate $100.00 CAD or more, you receive a tax receipt and a BONUS: A PDF of the book: Pocket Guide To Defensive Play at Bridge. Donated by Master Point Press.

A Vision For Clean Water (AVFCW) - YouTube

Patti & Barbara have a partnership with A Vision For Clean Water (AVFCW), a charity headquartered in Troy, Michigan. AVFCW's mission is to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to those who need them through education and collaboration.

Scott Brills is a Board Member of AVFCW and travelled to Cambodia in October, 2019 to see in-person some of our projects. Our Director, Savin, showed Scott our projects.

Travel with Scott as he tours our projects from the back of Savin's motorbike.
You can watch it here: (YouTube, 19 mins).

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This will be a fundraiser for Patti Lee's & Barbara Seagram's Cambodian Projects. For information, see

A tax receipt will be given for the full amount. Enjoy some bridge lessons while you are supporting a great cause.

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Cambodia Fundraiser - Postponed Indefinitely

To Our Wonderful Supporters,

We had our 10th Annual Cambodian Fundraiser originally planned for April 17th, then rescheduled to June 5th, and now we have decided to postpone it indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our schools in Cambodia are closed but we are still paying our teachers and our librarians, as well as any fixed costs, such as taxes. It costs us $52,000 to run our schools annually. Scholarships, installation of toilets for villagers, and outreach programs are in addition to this.

As soon as possible, we will run another fundraiser. But due to the uncertainty of when that might occur, we wanted to inform all of you, that the event is cancelled indefinitely.

Patti was there this winter for a month, visiting all of our schools, meeting and working with our teachers, as well as organizing more toilet, water, and sanitation projects.

We are being very vigilant and hope that you are, too. With all of us working together, we will get through this. We will keep you updated on our work in Cambodia.

Thank you all for your amazing support over the last 10 years. None of this would have happened without you.

Patti & Barbara

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Our Projects in Cambodia

Banyan Tree Organization Schools Brochure

In 2011, Patti Lee, Barbara Seagram and a group of 50, docked in Phnom Penh. We were armed with clothing, pens, notebooks, rulers, sharpeners, toys, pencils, stickers, and other school supplies. We had heard about an Ontario volunteer, who had dedicated the last few years to working in Cambodia for several months per year. Working alongside her was a fabulous lady, Australian Pauline Johns. Pauline has lived in Cambodia for up to 6 months per year and heads up the Cambodian organization 'Banyan Tree Organization', which manages all of our projects in Cambodia. Pauline volunteers all of her time and pays for all of her travel and living expenses.

In 2011, our group and other friends from the Toronto area donated 40 bicycles to a school outside of Phnom Penh. We went there in a small tuk-tuk along the dusty roads through Phnom Penh and out into the countryside to find that the school was a one-room shack with a cement floor and no desks or chairs. The bikes were given to children, mainly children of landmine victims. It was all very uplifting but Patti and Barbara looked at each other and wondered how long this shack would remain standing.

We inquired how much it would cost to build a permanent school and found that it would cost $24,000.00. We returned to Toronto determined to build a school. We raised $40,000.00 that year, so we also furnished two other schools and built a library at one of the schools. We now have four schools with over 500 students. We remain committed to sustaining all four of our schools at a cost of $52,000 CAD per year. This pays for the salaries of the teachers and librarians, all of the supplies for the teachers and students, lease payments, electricity, maintenance etc. You can see that money goes a long way in this country.

Over the years, many outreach programs have been undertaken to help these landmine affected families to become self-sufficient: a bike repair business, chicken farmer training, sewing lessons with a sewing machine, crafts, a technology centre, and a weaving centre.

There are many that do not have a safe, private toilet. The absence of a safe, private toilet leads to serious health issues, as well as sexual abuse of women and girls. Our schools all have toilets, thus ensuring that the girls can attend school even during their menstrual period. Without toilets at the schools, the girls would miss 4-5 days per month. After a number of months, they fall so far behind in their studies that they quit school altogether.

Patti and Barbara are excited and optimistic about all of these projects and the fundraisers that we do every year. If you are unable to attend one of our fundraisers, but still wish to make a donation, we would be so grateful. Barbara and Patti are an Agency of a charity in Canada; as well, they have formed an alliance with a charity in the USA. As a result, all Canadian and USA donors can receive tax receipts, valid for their own country.

For more info: or

Water Filters for Rural Villages in Laos

Each water filter for one family costs $125.00 Can or $100.00 USD - AND your name will be on it! You will also receive a picture of the family with your water filter. You can donate a water filter or any amount below or above!! A donation of $30.00 or more will receive a tax deductible receipt.

If you would like to become involved and to help the people of rural Laos help themselves lead a more fulfilling life, please complete the Donation form and send it along with your cheque made payable to Adopt A Village in Laos to:

Patti Lee
8 South Kingslea Drive,
Toronto, ON M8Y 2A3

Official Tax Receipts will be issued. Please help... we cannot do this alone!

Adopt A Village In Laos, Charity Registration # 83699 1000 RR0001

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